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commercial bathroom soap dispenser

Commercial Bathroom Soap Dispenser: The Better Choice

Commercial bathroom soap dispensers have come a long way since the old open top type dispensers. Today’s dispensers are designed to not only dispense foam soap, they give your restroom a more pleasingly ascetic look ...
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the best commercial hand soaps

Choosing the Best Commercial Hand Soaps

The Best Commercial Hand Soaps by Kutol There are lots of commercial hand soaps so how do you know which is the best? Do you go with foam soap, liquid or maybe even one with ...
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stop the flu

Stop the Flu Dead In It’s Tracks with These 3 Products

Stop the Flu – Don’t Let It Take Over Combating the Flu is not as tough as many think. Using the right products to stop the Flu makes your job easier. Insuring you are actively ...
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best floor care products

Top 3 Best Floor Care Products by Hillyard

Best Floor Care Products What do I need to keep my floors looking their very best? This is one of the most common questions I get each week. After all, your floors are the first ...
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peanut allergen sensitivity

Peanut Allergen Sensitivity – How to Clean to Keep Children Safe

How to Clean for Peanut Allergen Sensitivity in Schools and Other Facilities Peanut Allergen Sensitivity is not to be taken lightly. This food allergen can trigger mild to life threatening allergic reactions. Many companies have taken precautions ...
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3 Reasons You Should Care Which Cleaning Chemicals You Use

Not All Cleaning Chemicals are Created Equal There seems to be more cleaning chemicals than there are ways or items to clean. Take glass for instance. How many different types, brands and forms of glass ...
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reappearing carpet stains

How to Remove Reappearing Carpet Stains

Using Carpet Pre-Spray to Remove Reappearing Carpet Stains How can you remove reappearing carpet stains that magically reappear after you just cleaned your carpet? This is a common occurrence that has a simple solution. In ...
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commercial janitorial supplies online

5 Tips to Buying Commercial Janitorial Supplies Online

Choosing Your Commercial Janitorial Supplies How to select the right supplier to purchase your commercial janitorial supplies online. You may think this is pretty straightforward, however, not all cleaning supplies are created equal. Buying on ...
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foaming glass cleaner

A Foaming Glass Cleaner that Cuts Through the Toughest Grime

Foaming Glass Cleaner Baxter Clean Care 19oz Can This is one foaming glass cleaner that works.  Clean glass windows mirrors windshields enamel surfaces chrome tile porcelain and other hard surfaces Powerful formula dissolves dirt grease ...
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