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Founded almost 80 years ago, Baxter Clean Care provides our customers with custodial solutions and quantifiable savings - not just paper and cleaning products.   Read our blog.

Hillyard Arsenal One Dispenser

hillyard arsenal 1The Arsenal® One 4-product wall mount dispensing system provides safe, consistent, and accurate dilution of Arsenal One chemical concentrates to fill spray bottles, mop buckets, and automatic scrubbers.

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Microfiber Cleaning Kit

microfiber cleaning kitThe cleaning industry has changed. Cleaning efficiency is much greater when you use tools like the microfiber cleaning pad kit. Clean everything from desks and tables to walls and restroom partitions.

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No-Touch Restroom Cleaning

touch free restroom cleaningThe Hillyard no-touch restroom cleaning machine helps you clean better and clean faster. Increase your production time with the Cleaning Companion. It will make your restroom cleaning tasks easier.

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Stingray Window Cleaning Tool

The most efficient indoor cleaning tool ever! Perfect for cleaning indoor glass and windows, glass partitions, showcases, mirrors, glass refrigerator doors, elevators, washable doors and tables and much more!

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Clarke Boost Auto-scrubber

clarke boost autoscrubberOrbital scrubbing action does not sling cleaning solution out of the scrub path like traditional disc scrubbing motion, therefore conserving and reducing up to 70% of water and chemicals. The Clarke Boost auto-scrubber.

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Hillyard Super Shine All

super shine all wood floor cleanersSuper Shine All the Legendary Floor Cleaner. It is perfect for cleaning resilient tile, asphalt tile, vinyl floors, synthetic floors, terrazzo, quarry tile, paver brick, natural stone, and coated or sealed wood floors.

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Equipment Financing Options

Financing equipment allows businesses to get the equipment they need without affecting bank or credit lines. No matter the type of business, you need the proper equipment for the job.