Commercial Bathroom Soap Dispenser: The Better Choice

commercial bathroom soap dispenser

Commercial bathroom soap dispensers have come a long way since the old open top type dispensers. Today’s dispensers are designed to not only dispense foam soap, they give your restroom a more pleasingly ascetic look.

Commercial Bathroom Soap Dispensers

Wash your hands. That’s the message of the flu season. It is your first defense against the flu and other related illnesses.

That brings us to the commercial bathroom soap dispensers. Which type to choose? We strongly suggest you choose a soap dispenser that will dispense the soap in a foam. Not only is it more economical, it helps prevent the spread of germs.

wash your hands

Why Foam Soap Dispensers

Using a commercial bathroom soap dispenser with foam soap is the perfect choice. They help prevent the spread of germs. Each replacement bag of soap has it’s own nozzle which is much more sanitary than using open top soap dispensers and much better than bar soap.

Rather than putting small pump soap dispensers on the counter, the commercial bathroom soap dispenser is mounted on the wall or even the mirrors. They give easy access to anyone washing their hands. 

Mounting the dispensers

Mounting these dispensers is a rather easy process. When applying to the mirror or smooth hard surface, you can use the double backed tape on the back of the dispenser. First you should clean the surface removing all the grease, grime and dirt. Using an alcohol wipe will inure there is no residue on the mirror or wall before mounting.

Next, remove the film covering the adhesive portion of the tape. Line up the dispenser where you want it placed then press it firmly against the surface. Add additional pressure for a few seconds to insure it is holding in place.

When mounting in uneven walls, you will need to use wall anchors to mount your dispenser. Your new commercial bathroom soap dispensers should have anchors provided. To mount them in this manor, line them up, mark where the anchors need to be placed, then using a drill with the proper bit, drill your holes. 

Place the anchors in the holes, then using the screws, mount the dispenser to the wall. Mounting them in this manor will insure you have a secure mounted soap dispenser.

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