How to Remove Reappearing Carpet Stains

Using Carpet Pre-Spray to Remove Reappearing Carpet Stains

How can you remove reappearing carpet stains that magically reappear after you just cleaned your carpet? This is a common occurrence that has a simple solution. In most cases, it is not a problem with the cleaners, rather the carpet cleaning method. When many people clean carpets, they "shampoo" and move on. Let me ask you this. When you wash your clothes or your hair, do you rinse the soap out? Of course you do. This is the clue to a cleaner carpet and to keep the carpet stains from reappearing.

reappearing carpet stains

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Removing the Reappearing Carpet Stain

How Does it Work?

You clean your carpet. It looks great. But soon after stains seem to reappear. Why? The most common answer is that the stain was not completely extracted from deep within the fibers. In drying the dirt that is hiding deep inside the carpet, wicks up the fibers causing the stain to reappear. Removing reappearing carpet stains is a relatively simple process. 

To remove the stain, you should use a good commercial grade carpet spotting chemical to treat and work the areas. 

1. Spray the stain with carpet spotter.

2. Work it from the outside to the center.

3. Blot using a clean white rag.

4. Rinse with clean water.

These four steps will help remove the stain. This is not to say that all stains can be completely removed using this method. But as a general rule, it works very well.

Another Carpet Cleaning Problem

There is another common problem that occurs when cleaning carpet. Not just carpet stains that reappear, but walk paths will get dirty much too soon. Why?

The most common reason is that there is too much soap left in the carpet after cleaning. If the soap is not rinsed out of the carpet, once you walk on your carpet, the dirt that is tracked across it, sticks to the soap that is left. Therefore, your carpet gets dirty once again. Since soap attracts dirt, if it is not completely removed or neutralized, your carpet gets dirty quicker.

It is recommended that you pre-spray your carpet, extract, then rinse. This is the best method to clean your carpets. After you extract, then you can treat any carpet stains and spots using the method described above.

Rinsing your carpet using a neutralizing chemical designed to neutralize the remaining residue from the carpet cleaning chemical is always recommended. This will bring your carpet back to pH neutral leaving is softer and preventing the dirt from sticking, which means a cleaner carpet for a longer time.

This is a preferred method of cleaning carpets and removing reappearing carpet stains. Taking short cuts to get your carpet clean is not always the best solution. Pre-spray, extract and rinse are.

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