3 Reasons You Should Care Which Cleaning Chemicals You Use


Not All Cleaning Chemicals are Created Equal

There seems to be more cleaning chemicals than there are ways or items to clean. Take glass for instance. How many different types, brands and forms of glass cleaner can you find? Dozens. There’s foaming cleaners, concentrate, ready-to-use, and who knows how many different brands. This is the same for just about every cleaning chemical ever produced. So why should you be concerned when it comes to the cleaning chemicals you use?

3 Reasons You Should Care Which Cleaning Chemical You Use

1. Using the right chemicals? This is one of the most important reasons to be concerned with when it comes to selecting the right chemicals to clean. Provided you follow the directions on the label, this should be a no brainer. In other words, you wouldn’t want to use a toilet bowl cleaner on your kitchen counters. If you need to disinfect a surface, use a disinfectant cleaner and not a general purpose cleaner. Using the right cleaning chemicals for the job at hand is your first area of concern.

2. Does pH matter? Think of it this way. The tires on your vehicle require a specific amount of air pressure for optimum performance. Your cleaning chemicals need to be at the right pH to perform properly as well. If you are mopping a floor with a waxed surface, you need a neutral pH level floor cleaner. This insures you do not damage the finish, therefore your floors stay looking great longer.

3. The economics of it all. Finally, there is the economics, your cost to clean. Aerosols are the highest per use cost to clean. You are paying for more than the chemical. You are paying for the propellants too. Next is a ready-to-use liquid chemical, normally offered in quart size bottles. With this offering, you are paying for water and the chemical. Then there is the concentrated liquids. With this method, you use specific amounts of the chemical mixing it with your own water. Typically 2 ounces per gallon. By far, this is a much better choice when it comes to choosing your cleaning chemicals.

Finally one last suggestion.

To help you reduce your cleaning costs even further, you should choose a dilution system which is designed to mix a very specific amount of chemical with water. By using such a method you eliminate the “glug-glug” method which leaves the mixing up to the user. Typically the user will add much more chemical than the required amount.

cleaning chemicalsWe suggest you take a look at the Hillyard Arsenal One dilution control system and start saving money and making the right choice when it comes to your cleaning chemicals.

With this system, you choose the right chemical for the job, and because it is dilution controlled, you eliminate waste. This also makes it easier on the environment since you use less of the resources.

Let us help you choose the right cleaning chemicals for your job.

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